Martin Grech


The more observant of you will notice that Martin Grech is not a new artist. He emerged first with his Radiohead-meets-Nine Nich Nails ethereal goodness in ‘Open Heart Zoo’ when the falsetto title track of that album was featured on a Lexus advert back in 2002. The thing is, he’s making a comeback, and a good one at that.

After the release of his 2007 record ‘March Of The Lonely’, things went a bit quiet and it’s only more recently with the unleashing of ‘Meta’ (2010) and 2011’s ‘Meta Volume 2’ (with a forthcoming album ‘The Watcher’ on the way), that ears are starting to prick up again. And rightly so.

Martin’s music (which at varying points over his musical career has been: acoustic, folk, pop, classical, metal and industrial), is nothing short of astounding at times. From the euphoric calm of ‘Open Heart…’, to the intensity of 2005’s ‘Unholy’ and the devastating ‘I Am Chromosome’ right up to the transcending electronic burst of ‘Meta Volume 2’s ‘Inside Out’, this London-born, California-based artist’s material is nothing to be sniffed at, but something to cherish. Take this music in, enjoy it and feel better for having done so.

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- Tim Osbourne