Miaow Miaow

A quick listen to the songs available on York-based Miaow Miaow’s Soundcloud (gotta love it), and you will hear a group of musicians with a whole heap of musical diversity and drive… without any pretension.

To achieve this, they employ (slightly crazy) smiling faces, wit and distinct and vibrant math-rock, progressive-style riffs ala’ Foals or The Rapture, a major love for continental sounds and err, some sweet, sweet genre bending. Nice.


'Egg (My House)' is a real standout – it starts off echoing most of the indie bands around today, and then breaks into a progressive rock (almost punk) chorus that shatters the ears in a way that might inspire Klaxons to write better tunes (we really like the Ks as well, so that's saying something, right?).

What really works here, though is the band’s fearless nature. It seems like they will try anything – a proper good example is ‘Tiger Suit’ where the four-piece dive into a musical cooking pot of euphoric beats and Bloc Party-baiting guitars. They’ve got something. Something real. Real freakin’ good.

Do not ignore this band. They will drug you and possibly rip your ears off if you do.

You’ll still love ‘em after that as well. Crazy sounds for crazy nights; s’all good.

Now, about that Soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.com/miaowmiaowmusic