Mmoths’ (also known as Jack Colleran) sound is interesting, and only fractionally more inspiring than the story of how this young lad’s career first developed and began to flourish. About a year ago, he was studying for this final exams, and the end of his school life was in sight… scary stuff, right?


Fast forward to right now, under the moniker of Mmoths (formerly Moths– we like the extra m in there, Jack) he’s under the wing of SQE Music (Rusko), and garnering a lot of praise from around the world (currently in Texas for SXSW, as we write). Not bad. Dreams can come true, and all that.

In a rather charming turn of events, it was last Christmas that inspired Mmoth’s work. On a particularly snowy-white day in his home area of Newbridge, County Kildare, Ireland, the then 17-year-old Colleran refused to play outside in the snow with his mates each day like any other young teen might, and instead chose to do the “grown up” thing and err… write tunes, out of complete and utter boredom.

Like any good-quality bedroom musician, the artist locked himself away with a brand-spanking new copy of Ableton, and crafted tasteful and addictive tales of personal experience (‘Blisters’ is a huge standout) complete with soothing melodies, soaring synths comforting, understated beats. In 2012, the world-beating Mmoths is set to be the perfect soundtrack to your blissful summer.

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