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Howdy!  This should hopefully be a series of weekly posts on Rarebit where I introduce you to some of the new, up and coming artists that should be of interest to all you alternative/indie music lovers. Some you may have heard of, others you may not, but all will have something special to offer us with their music.

This week its the turn of My Tiger My Timing who are storming us here in the UK. They are, in short, a five piece electro indie/rock bank from south east London and are slowly coming on leaps and bounds with their music. Their latest single, ‘Endless Summer’ is firing off the shelf’s and this is in preparation to their album which should be hitting the shops in the coming few months which promises to be something special. 

‘Endless Summer’ as I have said is the track pushing them to the top, which is the most beautiful summer track you can get. With the fantastic vocals of Anna Vincent, thats very well complimented by a steady and exciting rhythm with enchanting twangs and clangs that produces a classic piece of British physc indie rock.  The guys recently had the chance to perform a great set at this year’s Glastonbury festival on the John Peel stage which was their first appearance at ‘Glasto’ and they certainly gave a warm and heartfelt performance for the newcomers. Artrocker have put My Tiger’ simply and beautifully as “Classic. Perfect. Pop”. I don’t think I could possibly add anything more to that. So what’s not to like!All in all My Tiger My Timing, have led us to believe that they have something special to offer, only time will truly tell if they can produce a great album. Knowing that what they do best is produce great music, i somehow think these guys will make it.

Here’s to an Endless Summer!
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