My Tiger My Timing - Wasteland


My Tiger My Timing were recently described as “Deliciously upbeat and groove-laden post-punk”, and their latest single is just that. The soon-to-be debut album opener, “Wasteland”, features the well known dreamy riffs and retro strums previously experienced with the quintet.  Anna Vincent effortlessly guides us through the jangly track with her longing, soft vocals. Themes of lust ridden jealousy feature in the track that when all is considered set the debut album up to be exceptional. The track features the all too familiar fluid, clean guitars along with cloudy synths that when combined set the experimental group apart. Wasteland is another fantastic building block on the path to success.

Wasteland by mytigermytiming

Wasteland is from My Tiger My Timing’s forthcoming album, Celeste, out on the 2nd of July on Snakes & Ladders.