Nick Mulvey

One can get lost in the dauntingly long list of British singer/songwriters; it takes a lot of talent to stand out and thankfully Nick Mulvey has that talent. After leaving Portico Quartet, a British jazz band, where he played percussion, Mulvey has established himself as a very capable songwriter and African guitar specialist. Mulvey has received degree in ethnomusicology (focusing on African music) at SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies), which in itself is pretty spectacular. 


Described as a cross Nick Drake and José Gonzales, Nick Mulvey creates songs that are hauntingly beautiful. But Mulvey describes his music as “Central African and Flamenco guitar influences combine with a love of great songwriting and an enduring interest in the mysterious things that happen to humans when exposed to deeply repetitive sounds.” Deep, right? Each song is unique in itself, and with but in the song “The River Lea”, Mulvey is stepping out his comfort zone to make a musically darker song. 

At this moment, Mulvey is currently working on his debut album, but he is already establishing himself on the British scene. With sets at Bushstock and a handful of upcoming festival dates, Nick Mulvey is getting himself out there. He is blowing people away with his skills, such as simultaneously playing three different rhythms on a guitar while singing. I could listen to Nick Mulvey play for hours on end, so give him a listen. 

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