Professor Penguin

Professor Penguin

Whenever I’m asked to name my favourite animal (it happens more than you’d think) I often think long and hard, avoiding the standard dog, cat, monkey response and name something obscure like an Axolotl. Mainly because it makes a conversation all that bit more interesting, oh and because it can re-grow it’s own legs if the owner is careless and chops one off! However after hearing this next band, today I would like to reconsider and offer you the somewhat often underestimated Penguin. 


This lot love penguins so much that they named themselves Professor Penguin. Fans of Bombay Bicycle Club and James Blake should check this plucky bunch of lads out. They crafted quite a splendid cover of Bon Iver’s Calgary, a risky bet which they managed to pull off. You can tell from the album that they’ve been influenced heavily by Bon Iver, Beirut with their European orchestral sounds and long drawn out breathy sections. There are so many different parts to each song on the album, layered up likea game of Jenga, some sounds seem slightly precarious but the structure remains strong and well established. 

The seven piece who have self-confessed to overusing the letter P have released their debut album Planes.  Which features tracks ‘Pilot’, ‘Pirate’, ‘Power Plants’ and ‘Present’. It’s a good job that they didn’t go with Z, they’d probably only be about for five minutes. Good letter choice boys.

So if you’re feeling peckish for some ambient acoustic indie how about you go and p..p..p…pick up a copy of their album? I think that’s how the famous one liner goes. 

-Tim Osbourne