Rebecca's Music Mondays - Ruarri Joseph

Thanks Rarebit for this ‘whoo-whoo’ opportunity to contribute to your delightful and innovative blog! Ah yes, Rarebit, for the music lover in all of us!
Rebecca’s Music Monday…(in the future I will select three to five artists but for my ‘first’ I wanted it to be all about a special someone who deserves to be ‘singled out’)
Ruarri Joseph with his unique blend of folky blues and ‘a hint of gospel’ is an ideal companion if you fancy a drive along the shoreline or tucked in a picnic basket alongside an expensive bottle of Merlot. He is a master singer-song writer but an “artist” by definition.  Poetic lyrics and haunting melodies laced with subtle humor and tenderness which make his music believable and simply unforgettable.
Since parting with Atlantic Records in 2008, Ruarri Joseph’s music has matured and flourished with the release of Shoulder to the Wheel which he produced under his own label.  From a cozy but often leaky and cold backyard shed, he shares his personal stories and communicates with his fans via his ‘RUTUBE’ YouTube channel. He is delightfully interactive with his fans on Facebook and invites them to join in the ‘collaborative’ process.
He tours regularly throughout the UK and is a favorite at music festivals. He has also toured with Show of Hands, Funeral for a Friend, Paulo Nutini, and David Gray to name a few.  Check out his Myspace for a link to his upcoming shows.  Available for purchase: “Shoulder to the Wheel”  
“Tales of Grime and Grit” and “Both Sides of the Coin” available on Amazon, iTunes, etc. (Atlantic Records)
Let’s get to it shall we?
Highlighted Video!
Severed Dreams - His latest from Shoulder to the Wheel – The genius that is Ruarri Joseph blending moving lyrics with a bit of magical whimsy.

My top 5 video picks!
Blankets - The ‘random’ hit on YouTube that sent me reeling to Amazon, buy both albums AND pay for overnight shipping!

Orchard for an Apple -  off his third album Shoulder to the Wheel

Cover of “Janie” by Gray Dog -  A peek into the secret ‘shed’ in this touching tribute to his friend 

‘Tales of Grime and Grit’ from his debut album (Atlantic Records) - Lest you think he’s all about warm-fuzzy here is an “in your face” foot stompin’ good tune!

BRAND NEW! Until the Luck Runs Dry – His latest backyard video gives us a hint of what’s to come.

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Cheers and HAPPY Monday!
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