Rebecca's Tidbit Thursday... Johnny Flynn

One of our regularly featured artists ‘around these parts’ is Johnny Flynn.  We thought we would put together some interesting ‘fun bits’ about him that just might ‘Tickle You Pink’!

The ‘darker side’ Johnny in this live version of “Tickle Me Pink”


Tidbit #1:

Johnny is a thespian! (not that there’s anything wrong with that)  He has appeared on Television, Film and Stage!

Most of his credits are under his stage name ‘Joe Flynn’ but most recently he is listed as “Johnny Flynn”.


In 2006 he took the starring role as ‘Dolf’ in a children’s movie called Crusade in Jeans.  Plenty of ‘rewinding’ happened during my watch of this film!


You can also use Netflix to find his charming face and ‘cheeky bits’ in Murder in Suburbia (not suitable for fans under 105)  


Perhaps his most endearing cameo is in Kingdom where he can be heard singing his own tunes!

You’ll simply melt when you hear him say “We’ve got to have Baaaa-bies” 


Not in wide release (yet) but creating a ‘buzz’ at film festivals, is his latest film project “Lotus Eaters”.  Johnny plays the leading actress’ tormented love interest and contributes musically with just one snippet of song. You will be captivated as you hear him sing a heartfelt cover of ‘Papa Was A Rodeo”.

His latest engagement will take him off the touring circuit for 4 months as he steps into the role of Lee in Jez Butterworth’s play ‘Jerusalem’ at the Apollo Theatre (London) set to preview in October and run through January 2011.

Tidbit #2:

Johnny is a fashion Icon!

Johnny Flynn and Karen Anne were named ‘May Couple’ in this Burberry advertisement.

Photo of him in Vogue:


Tidbit #3:

Twitter just got Sweeter!!!

You can now ‘@’  your tweets of love for all things Johnny to his officially endorsed fan twitter account!

Follow @johnnyflynnnews and you’ll be guaranteed a follow back (just tweet or DM your request)


Tidbit #4:

Check out this interview during his recent North American tour.  You’ll learn a thing or two more!


Well that’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed our first installment of  ‘Tidbit Tuesday’,