Review..... Bombay Bicycle Club - 'A Different Kind Of Fix'

This week sees the launch of Bombay Bicycle Club’s third album titled “A Different Kind Of Fix”, following on from two mildly successful albums that both offer something different. This album see’s all that they have learnt brought back to the table, and the single “Shuffle” was released at the start of the summer promised something great.


There are some wonderful tracks on the album that have some strong hints of what we have already heard before, the album opener “How Can You Swallow So much Sleep” sees the familiar guitar flex back that we are familiar with and Jack Steadman’s croon feels it is coming from a different room. Vocals seem to have taken a slight back seat in comparison with the rest of the track, Steadman’s vocals ebb and flow around the drums, plucky guitar and synths that create a very upbeat track.  Track 4 on the album titled “Lights Out, Words Gone” has those great Bombay guitar flexes that Bombay are so good at, with the gentle soft unique voice of Jack Steadman very well defined in this track, it has a very disco based rhythm that has roots from the 80’s yet with a great modern, clean feel. There is a great echo of the lyrics giving the track great depth broken up by the guitar rhythm, to end the track beautifully it combines and then fades out.“Beggars” starts off in the acoustic genre, with gentle guitar tweaks that then see’s an explosion of drums, and guitars that crescendo in and out, that again gently fade away. “Favourite Day” is the penultimate track on the album and has a regimental drum beat underneath a similar regimentedSteadman that see’s a lovely, simplistic gentle track with a great soft upbeat chorus and a  great flick of harpsichord thrown in.

There is no doubt who this album is by, with the unique cry of Jack Steadman over some great pulsating guitar playing, pure drum beats and a whole assortment of other instruments. Bombay can be one or the other, they can create a unique sound that can be soft, calming and beautiful and then they can go the other side of the spectrum and create a track that makes you want to get up and dance around in your pants. All the tracks on this album have something different, it’s a mix between the gentle acoustic “Flaws” and the vibrant “I Had The Blues But I Shook The Loose”, this album seems to have a direction but its not as defined as it was with these two albums, it falls beautifully in the middle.

To put it simply Bombay Bicycle Club don’t get the sales that truly deserve, they have produced three great albums that have seen steady sales, steady places in the charts and a they have a steady fan base. That’s all well and good, but will this push them up a level? I sadly think not, its one to file with the other two, good, very good in fact, but not great.

Rating: 4/5



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