Review.... I Break Horses 'Hearts'

Well following on from my Introducing section about I Break Horses, the 9 track album ‘Hearts’ is now upon us, and as I said we are not disappointed and is clearly going to be a great debut and most defiantly something worth having.

With the Scandanavian croon back in its full glory we get to really understand the true talent and gift of I Break Horses. We are almost taken on a journey through a cold, dark winter that slowly breathes more and more life, almost like those lapsed time films we see of flowers springing to life.


Delving deeper into the magic of I Break Horses we start with the popular ‘Winter Beats’ with its deep rumble underneath a great electro whir with Maria Lindén’s chant echoing over the top, that compliments the sombre track. Moving on ‘Pulse’ as you might think has a great beat running though it that echos a heart beat, it has a great guitar accompaniment with great flexes that produces a rich vibrant sound. Over this we get the whale of Lindén with her mermaid like chants. The mood picks with a ringing chorus that gives the track little pockets of delight. Wrapping up we get a quicker “Pulse” back again that now mimics a heart beat after a brisk walk. ‘Empty Bottles’ is the penultimate track and sees all the fantastic I Break Horses elements joined together to create a very upbeat track in comparison to the rest of the album, everything is becoming less cloudy and we can suddenly see and feel a more clearer track.  The intro includes a great ringing guitar thud later complimented by a synth chant. ‘Empty Bottles’ is certainly of the better tracks on the album and certainly creates a welcome release from the sombre music.

The album overall is one of beauty, there are a few minor niggles but hey, nothing truly is perfect. A great first album and a name that you will certainly be hearing about.

I quoted Bella Union last week saying “Welcome to the most bewitching debut of the year”. I think they were right.

Rating: 4/5


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