Review..... Slow Club 'Paradise'

It’s been another busy week and with the music scene changing so fast its ever so hard to keep up, anyway a note worthy album releases this coming week is Slow Club with ‘Paradise’ who are signed with the lovely Moshi Moshi Records. The album is certainly one to add to the list of greats for this year and incorporates some great techniques in the slow club style. With no major surprises but great use and variation of instruments the album is certainly one for discovery every time you revisit.

The album includes the track ‘Two Cousins’ which has been released prior to the album, and is certainly one of the highlights. It incorporates great clangs and bangs with an upbeat tidal flow, and demonstrates the perfect voice of Rebecca Taylor, one of two members of slow club. The track is very busy yet sounds beautifully simple and simply finishes with a solo piano that is key throughout the record. Another track that’s on the more lively side is track 4 titled “Where I’m Waking” with more tribal beats and more harmonious singing by the pair all encompass to make a track that’s full of guts and flare. Its certainly refreshing to have a number of track that keep you on your toes and the album shows the full talent of Rebecca and Charles Watson, the other half of the pair.


We also get some great acoustic  or  a slower selection with Slow Club, the first of my selected tracks beings with track 3, titled ‘Never Look Back with has great guitar flicks that later fills up to more gentle studio rock, the track is certainly a piece where we can understand the voices of slow club, and they work very beautifully together. Another great acoustic track is ‘Hackney Marsh’ with gentle soft guitar playing and the harmonious voice of Rebecca and Charles, you can hear the chord changes on the record which gives the track a real rustic feel. Later in the track we get a few saxophones and such that gives a street jazz feel all together make a well rounded track.

Being the pair’s second album they are certainly progressing rapidly and this long awaited album is finally upon is, luckily it has been what we expected, a well formed fantastic autumnal album to go with the many great releases of 2011. If you get the opportunity to see these guys its certainly well worth it.

Rating: 4/5

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