London duo Severin make dark electronic pop with tasteful post-punk and indie tinges. Influenced by everything from Depeche Mode to The Knife via Throbbing Gristle; this stuff is exquisitely dark, additively dirty and quite frankly, thoroughly delightful.

The two-piece band experiments with different sounds frequently to craft a great big clash-up of the aforementioned influences and styles with no added frills or pretence. The group feels extremely comfortable creating challenging music; a type of sonic bulldozer that develops and builds confidently to a massive crescendo. 

After some well-received dates around the country at various festivals and inside dingy rock bars,   acclaim has being thrown at them from various international multimedia outlets because Severin’s seductive sound takes industrial music to new, exciting, and undeniably commercial levels (in a way only equalled [arguably] by the likes of Curve or Nine Inch Nails in the past). 

Using the charming vocals of Elizabeth Anne Martin on the terrific ‘High Shot’ or the raging synths and Brit-pop-style guitars from Danny Sanchez (alongside the raw production of former Test Icicles man Rory Attwell) for standout track ‘Macabea’, the band has carved themselves out to be ones to watch through 2012. 

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- Tim Osbourne