Griz // Live in Louisville




Electro-soul/future-funk artist Griz brought his Ride Waves: Season One tour to Louisville, KY recently, performing to a packed theatre of fans who were ready to dance the night away. Having recently released his latest album Ride Waves, he is touring in support of the album and performed several new songs in addition to some of the older fans favorites. It was the perfect setting this evening for an outdoor concert, with the amphitheatre situated in Iroquois Park and mostly surrounded by trees and nature. As Griz took the stage, the venue erupted in cheers. This tour has seen him performing with some familiar faces, such as Muzzy Bearr on guitar and vocals and ProbCause on vocals/rhymes, as well as a two-piece brass section (Jesse on the trumpet and Jeremy on the trombone). Also gracing the stage on this tour is the incredible Chrishira Perrier who tore up the stage for much of this evening with her powerful voice and funky spirit. Although many electronic artists tend to stand behind a table with a laptop/keyboard, Griz performed this evening on a wide open stage. With stairs at the center of the stage leading to the top of a platform, he had two stands that housed an MPC and a tablet on which to control different effects for the evening. Having mastered the saxophone, he expertly performed the instrument on many of the tracks, both at the top of the platform and down closer to the front of the stage. He also played the electric guitar live for the first time during one of the songs. With an incredible light show, a screen at the back of the stage that showed a variety of colorful designs and images and a fun cast of guest vocalists and musicians, it truly was a party both on stage and off. Everyone on stage got the crowd moving and engaged in the performance and Griz and his bandmates fed off of the energy of the crowd, seeming grateful to their fans for coming out this evening and sharing in the pure, upbeat energy of the tour. Taking a bow and thanking the fans for a great evening, Griz and his band left the stage to deafening applause. It was a incredibly fun night of music.