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Coheed and Cambria started out their Unheavenly Skye Tour with Mastadon and Every Time I Die on May 28th in Louisville, KY, kicking things off with a packed venue of passionate fans. The band had Platinum and Gold VIP packages that many fans purchased, allowing for early entry and a meet and greet and photos with the band. Arriving at the venue just before doors for general admission, there was a long line of fans waiting anxiously to get through security and get seats as close to the stage as possible. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor concert, with plenty of sunshine and a cool breeze once the sun went down. As soon as the gates opened, the excitement in the air was electric. All three bands on the bill tonight have been around for several years and have dedicated fan bases, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere this evening. Starting things off was Buffalo, NY metal/hardcore band Every Time I Die. From the first note played, singer Keith Buckley was moving around the stage and engaging the crowd to clap, dance and sing along. Guitarists Andrew Williams and Jordan Buckley and bassist Steve Micciche were full of energy, interacting with each other and with the crowd, engaging in plenty of hair flips, head banging and jump kicks to keep the crowd cheering with their fists in the air. Buckley told the crowd that the band always loves playing Louisville and that the city has been been good to them over the years, with the crowd reciprocating the love back to them. They kicked off the first night of the tour with a bang and got the crowd ready for the evening ahead.

Up next was Atlanta metal band Mastadon. Having formed in 2000, the band has amassed a huge fan base and released 7 studio albums. This tour sees them performing their 4th album Crack The Skye in it’s entirety, much to the crowd’s delight. Awash in gorgeous lights in a variety of hues and several vertical screens behind the stage that displayed different visual components, the band took the stage and started things off with “Bladecatcher”. Bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders chatted a bit with the crowd throughout the set, but the band mainly focused on the songs. Sanders, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds, guitarist Bill Kelliher and drummer Brann Dailor are all incredibly talented musicians and many of the songs allow each member to shine on their respective instruments. Along with the vocal parts of each song, each member showcased their immense talent, eliciting plenty of cheers from the audience. As they ended their set with “The Last Baron”, the crowd was eagerly singing along, cheering and screaming as the band walked off stage. Staying behind to address the crowd, drummer Brann Dailor told the crowd how excited the band was to be on tour with Coheed and Cambria and Every Time I Die. He said the bands had been trying to coordinate a tour together for a while and their schedules all finally lined up. He then thanked the fans for coming out before leaving the stage.

Headlining the show this evening was New York progressive rock/metal band Coheed and Cambria. Having formed in 1995, the band has a huge and loyal following and have released 9 studio albums, 8 of which are concept albums based on a science fiction storyline called ‘The Amory Wars’, a series written by singer/guitarist Claudio Sanchez. The storyline has been transcribed into a series of comic books, as well as a full-length novel, which has helped the band’s popularity surge and has resulted in their worldwide fan base to flock to live shows en masse. Having released their latest album Vaxis-Act 1: The Unheavenly Creatures last year, the band played several tracks off of the new album, as well as plenty of older hits that left fans old and new singing along. Starting their set off with “Lucky Stars” from the new album, the band proceeded to perform other new songs that included ““Prologue”, “The Dark Sentencer”, “Unheavenly Creatures”, “True Ugly” and “The Gutter”, as well as classic hits such as “Delerium Trigger”, “A Favor House Atlantic” and “The Suffering”. Perhaps the most thrilling moment of the evening was 6 songs in when they performed their hit song “In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3”, which saw the entire crowd go wild. Although Sanchez sang most of the song, there were several moments when he let the crowd take over singing, which made for a truly special sight to behold. With fists in the air, the entire crowd combined their voices to sing along creating a wonderful energy throughout the venue. Sanchez, along with guitarist/vocalist Travis Stever, drummer Josh Eppard and bassist Zach Cooper, had a great energy on stage, excited to be starting off their tour with such a great crowd. Although he performed most songs while playing guitar, there were a few songs this evening for which he ditched the guitar and moved freely around the stage with his microphone, flipping his hair and interacting with both Cooper and Stever. Ending their set with “Old Flames”, the band left the stage briefly before coming back out for an encore. The band ended the evening with “Welcome Home”, concluding a great night one of tour and leaving their fans buzzing with energy as they filed out of the venue.

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