Dave Monks // All Signs Point to Yes [EP Review]

It’s been a little over a year since we saw the ramblings of Tokyo Police Club with their last release, Forcefield.   You may have been sitting there wondering what’s been up?  The answers comes with All Signs Point to Yes, a valiant debut from the TPC frontman, Dave Monks.  Releasing his six song solo effort, we get a glance of what things are like without the full band.  The verdict, as expected, all signs point to yes that things are just as good (had to throw that in somewhere).


We know Dave playing solo isn’t a completely new concept.  If you’ve been to any TPC shows over the last several years, you’ll know they tend to finish off their sets with a solo, acoustic version of ‘Tessellate’.  Written around the same time as Forcefield, Dave has noted before, this EP has come from a change in his life.  Moving to a new city, and the new experiences that come along with it.  If you sit back and listen, it’s pretty apparent what the themes are in All Signs Point to Yes.  Wether it’s the coming of age points in ‘Gasoline’, where Dave pleads “I just need someone to rely on”.  Or coming to terms with ‘The Rules’; “I don’t make the rules, I just play along”.  There are very apparent themes of love (or love lost) throughout the songs, but there’s also genuine themes of growing up and realizing our place in life. 

All Signs Point to Yes offers almost everything you loved about classic Tokyo Police Club tunes, in a delightfully stripped down manner.  Something I’ve always loved about Tokyo Police Club is the ability to make picturesque lyrics.  Not necessarily lyrics all focused on relationships, but also about life experiences, or even just pulling little details out of a moment in time.   Dave’s poignant, and catchy songwriting is still relevant, but features a deeper emotional cut to it.  Almost remnant of Tom Petty, in a way, there’s a very unique and specific flare to Dave’s tunes, and combining life and relationships without focusing too much on one or the other.

Words by: Carolyn Lederach




The Rules

Miss You

Heartbeat Blues

Summer Dream



06/15 Washington, DC @ Black Cat Backstage

06/16 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

06/25 Toronto, ON @ The Garrison

06/26 Hamilton, ON @ Casbah Lounge

06/27 Ottwawa, ON @ House of TARG

07/08 Cambridge, MA @ TT The Bear’s Place

07/09 Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy


All Signs Point To Yes is out NOW via Dine Alone Records, find it here: iTunes.