The Arcadian Kicks

Picking up momentum after playing highlights such as T in the Park and The Isle Of Wight Festival over the past few years, Birmingham based The Arcadian Kicks take 2012 on after taking a year out that see’s them in a redefined style, that could be a ground breaking year and their ticket to the big league.


The 5 piece, co-managed by Jon Brookes (from The Charlatans)  released their debut single, “19 Days”, in August 2010 with Rebecca Wilson leading us through the flourishing track with her precise, forceful vocals. The track has a great leather jacket meets festival vibes about it with soaring electric riffs breaking up the delicate acoustic and giddy keys that see’s the catchy, exciting track have a sharp retro, summer feel . After multiple plays the track seems to flourish and ease brought to the listener.

2012 has seen the realise of “I wanna take you home”  with  the 5-some take on something more punchy and ‘hardcore’ with a well rounded edge than previous. With a new look and sound, Tom Holloway (guitarist) leads a forceful wave of rising riffs as well as menacing drums perfectly executed by Harry Grainger producing a track that pushes you to a dark, underground youthful world. The track can lack individuality with a corny, devilish side about it yet the addition of hazy 80’s synths adds plenty of balance.  

The youthful looking band, scream optimism and energy, with a solid base holding them up the kids can go far. With an album already recorded supported by Blondie’s ‘Parallel Lines’ producer we certainly have a space to watch.

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