Nottingham-based artist Peter Sampson (ThePETEBOX) is beat-boxer that we recently discovered. He’s performed at York’s Galtres Festival and V as well. It’s pretty entertaining stuff. YouTube-filmed covers of The Pixies’ ‘Where Is My Mind?’ and Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’ have been incredibly well-received by the public and ThePETEBOX’s live show has been championed by the music press on a regular basis.


Armed with a guitar and a loop pedal that takes care of the recorded beat-boxing while the artist himself sings the tunes, ThePetebox has wowed crowds on stages with Professor Green and others of late. Other tracks of note include ‘V.O.D.K.A’ (which includes some rather fantastic beat-boxing trumpet) and ‘Panther Dance’ (yep, the Pink Panther theme in beatbox form), Proper mint melodies, sweet beats and nifty vocals; all from one dude’s mouth. Very cool. If we had to come up with some influences for this kid, I guess we’d have to go for Plan B, Tricky and Red Hot Chilli Peppers all mixed into one clever little package, you know, of they all beat-boxed! If that wasn’t enough, Pete’s also a member of progressive indie outfit Swimming. This guy is one of the world’s best beat-boxers (maybe even the best?) and one listen to him, whatever genre you are digging right now, you will smile, and probably find yourself trying to copy him! No? Okay, just us then.

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-Tim Osbourne