Tom Williams & the Boat - "Teenage Blood"

There has been a growing edgy folk/rock trend of late, with artist’s seeming springing up in every corner adorned with a variety of acoustic qualities and jittery vocals. Amongst all these acoustic clad wannabes a down to earth singer/songwriter and his band have been storming the internet blogs with their second album. Tom Williams & The Boat’s latest album, ‘Teenage Blood’, is finally upon us under the wing of major label Moshi Moshi, who we can only imagine are expecting huge success from the sextet.

Amongst the albums woven acoustics and harmonies a few cult indie tracks lie, the album opener ‘Teenage Blood’ being one of these. The track features energetic beating guitars accompanied by a forceful set of drums, all quaintly broken up by the gentle chord of a violin and Williams’ quivering vocals that define the young singer. With this filtering through, it sets ‘Teenage Blood’ up as an exceptional piece of folk with gritty rock roots.


Other than this classic piece of guitar jangle, the album loses pace as we tour through each track. Williams demonstrates great attention to detail, crafting spoken, honest vocals around a melody of strings and drums that has a unique beauty.  Tom Williams & The Boat have the energy in their album to show artful rock with full force as well as contrast, with gentle awakening melodies, making ‘Teenage Blood’  a pure discovery of abstract emotions.