Under The Radar........'Caged Animals'

This weeks ‘Under the radar’ (yeah, catchy new name!) revolves around a great group called Caged Animals. They are signed to the Lucky Number label and based over in Brooklyn in the US. So what do we have? Well in a line, a 4 piece who are most defiantly indie, they create their own unique sound and certainly being experimental with their work. They are made up of Vincent Cacchione (vocals, guitar), Magali Charron (keyboard, backing vocals), Talya Cacchione (bass) and Pat Curry (drums).


In the dying days on autumn we are trying to hang on to those great summer tunes to chill out to and this is a good that could live up to that image. With upbeat, wish washy tunes they are very much breaking through the seams now and are a name that’s certainly increasingly thrown about. We get two tracks to listen to on the various music mediums and a couple of remixes but with an album out on the 26th of this month we should hopefully be seeing much more of Caged Animals.

 Taking a look at “Transparent Castle” we get a great track, with muffled beat and a crying wail the track sounds like its being produced from a well worn 80’s sound system, we are then introduced to the voice of Vincent Cacchione singing a great mellow cry, the song is so very simply put together but it makes it all the more great and its certainly a great noteworthy track and one that is very enjoyable to listen too. The final song is “Girls On Medication” which has the summer theme we are still trying to hold on, with upbeat melodies much like Foster The People and pulsating rhythms and great use of syth go to create something that’s very unique yet popular sound all the same.

All in all we get a group that’s certainly got alot of appeal and can offer something unique and enjoyable. They have a release coming out on the 26th September and titled “Eat Their Own” so do be sure to check it out, if there is anything noteworthy we shall be the first to pass it on.

  <span>Caged Animals - Guardian Sampler by LuckyNumberMusic</span>

Do enjoy!

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Web: http://cagedanimals.net
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/cagedanimals or @CagedAnimals