Under The Radar - 'Elephant'

I was having a debate between two artists to feature as this weeks ‘Under The Radar Artist’, both are of a similar genre and both equally as good, anyway one had to win, and this time it’s the turn of a duo under the name of ‘Elephant.’ I have written about these guys before but they are a firm favourite of mine, so it’s good to share them with the world again.

Anyway, Elephant are a two piece, Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck from London and have been formed since May 2010 which is a date thats very dear to them, so in some respects very new. Their music has been inspired from the pairs past, and involve elements of their “history” and their growing relationship. Ideas have been bandied about and songs either evolved or thrown on the rubbish pile.


There are two tracks to listen to via Soundcloud, the first being titled Allured. The track is simple, gentle and the voice of Amelia comes into its own, with its soft bumpiness, in the latter half of the track we get more echo’s, clangs and bangs but still go to create a simply beautiful piece of music. To end with gentle simple guitar plucks and echos from Rivas. The second track is the slightly more vibrant and one that really demonstrates the ability of the duo, with great wish washy chants and organs running throughout this track could be a very popular one if it was known more. There are a number of other tracks to listen to onMmyspace and all go someway to demonstrating their ability to produce good music.

Elephant have a great ability to create great indie music, and the pair bring something very special to the deck. They are most certainly worth checking out and supporting. So if your after a youthful best coast sounding artist to suit your musical requirements then these guys are surely it.



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