Cast your minds back to the past few years of the BBC’s Sound of…. now, think about the kind of artists we’ve gained on the radio, on the telly, on the front covers of magazines. Yes, you remember now, lots of strong ladies. A lady with locks flowing as much as her maxi dresses. A shy young girl who got a bit good and duetted with everyone’s favourite sunglassed-up British rapper. And of course last year saw a lady acting every inch the dude and not prepared to hush up about it. 

So this year’s sound may have been pretty much determined but that definitely doesn’t mean that the walls are closing in around the flurry of new females. The fences are jump-able and the walls are breakable. 


Let me draw your attention to Hannah Yadi, stage name YADi. A bit Marina, a bit Ellie, a bit Florence and well a bit bloody good. 

Stompy beats and a snappy vocal keep your ears tuned and unable to switch off especially with the likes of Sahara Heart, an almost militant vibe with a trembling love story swirling around. It’s full frontal pop with a deeper routed sensual sound to it, which the video only emphasises. Dark, and very art noir. She is definitely a lady of mystery and a bit of an enigma to say the least. 

With no releases that accept good old English coinage just yet, head to her Soundcloud and take advantage of a free download of Sahara Heart. Oh and check out her video while you’re at it.