Interview & Photos by: Carolyn Lederach

Interview & Photos by: Carolyn Lederach

The rules are simple...there's a hat, this hat is filled with many questions ranging from the personal to the off beat.  We pass the hat, and artists gets a chance to answer the question they choose from said hat.  Fun is had by all.

Needless to say, you're bound to hear a lot about Pale Waves in 2018.  Their debut EP, All the Things I Never Said, drops in February and they've got another US tour in the books for March and April.  On the first night of their first US headlining tour we sat down with Heather and Ciara in Philadelphia for another exciting edition of Chat in a Hat.

Without further ado, here's our Chat in the Hat with Heather and Ciara of Pale Waves:


Chat in a Hat: Pale Waves


C - Do you have any tour souvenirs?

We pick up Starbucks cups for different cities, we’re a sucker for those.


H - Would you rather have no fingers or no eyes?

no fingers


C - If you could be an animal for a day what would you be?

a giraffe because it would be nice to feel what it’s like to be tall

H - a kangaroo and bounce around all day, or that kangaroo that’s like Thor


C - If you could go forward in time or back in time what would you do?

I’m gonna do this to piss Heather off, I always want to go back in time.

H - I wouldn’t want to know what the future holds


C - What would your wild west outlaw gang name be?

Bad Bitch Goth Gang.  Only girls allowed, no boys


H - What’s your favorite venue you’ve ever played?

Madison Square Garden.  But also that one in Paris, Supersonic


C - Outside of your music, what are you best known for with your friends?

I can cut hair.  


H- What do you do to pass the time on the road?

Sleep, write, dress the boys up as girls, bully Charlie, complain about things


C - Whats your favorite thing to eat on the road?

chips, we eat a lot of pizza, Dominos in America is so cheap


H - If you could create one holiday what would it be?

A cake day, where everyone can eat cake on the same day


H - What’s your best party trick?

I can fit into really small spaces.

C - the smallest thing you’ve ever fit into was like a plastic bag for a pillow.


H - What’s the stupidest thing you did in your teens to look cool?

I wore a bandana around my head and it looked really bad

C - I used to wear vintage mickey mouse clothes all the time.  Heather hates it, I thought they were pretty cool though