Isaiah Silva

Back in late April, I got to meet up with Interscope Records’ newest ear candy, The Eeries, after their electrifying set at Webster Hall.  The rock quartet, hailing from Los Angeles, California, were opening for The Used on their Spring 2015 tour. Lead singer/guitarist, Isaiah Silva, Brandon Sweeney (guitar), Eliot Lorango (bass) and Nadir Maraschin (drums) sat with me to chat a bit about life on the road, how the band came to be, and what’s in store for the future.

AM: This tour is pretty huge deal, and tonight’s show sold out! How has tour been so far?

IS: It’s been great! This is our tenth show that we’ve played in a row, which is why I have throat spray at every corner of the stage tonight – but, yeah, this tour, everyone we’re with, everything is awesome.

EL: Yeah, it’s been a blast! Some weeks we’ll have 4 or 5 days on, 2 days off. I finally got to do my laundry yesterday!

AM: I can imagine clean laundry is hard to come by when you’re doing 10 shows straight.

NM: Well, yeah. Especially when a lot of your off days fall on Sundays, and no Laundromat is open.

BS: You will NEVER have that problem in New York City. Get that sh*t done here!

AM: During your set, one thing that stood out to me was how much fun you all had with each other on stage – like you’ve all known each other forever. How did The Eeries come to be?

IS: I had written and recorded “Cool Kid” on my own and after a while I kind of thought to myself, “Well, maybe its time to start a band.” I don’t have a lot of friends, and I keep a very tight-knit circle – so, I got in touch with my friend, Jose, who is an engineer who then put me in touch with Brandon, who I actually knew through his old band Kingsley.  He put us all in touch. After we came into communication, we nerded out over guitars and bands we like, and just started bonding really quickly. It was just an instant connection and it felt to me like a long-lost friends.

Not just bonded like musically, but as friends. We all like the same stuff, like regarding films and music, so it works.

AM: What films are you all into?

EL: We are major Star Wars nerds.

BS: Army of Darkness, for sure.

Isaiah Silva

Eliot Lorango

Brandon Sweeney

Isaiah Silva

AM: Congratulations on all of your success with your single “Cool Kid”. The song is gritty and infectious. What was the inspiration behind that song, and which bands/musicians inspired you to create your sound?

IS: When I wrote “Cool Kid”, it literally took me 5 minutes. I mean, I wrote the music and the lyrics in 5 minutes. I just had a clear head about it and know what I wanted from it, but I can’t really say what it is that inspired everything to go down the way it did.  But in regards to bands that have inspired us, there’s too many to even list, but we’re big fans of Descendants, Failure, The Beatles, Brian Jonestown Massacre. The list goes on and on.

AM: What’s in store for The Eeries for the rest of 2015?

EL: We’re super excited to continue touring. We’ll be in and out of the studio recording.

AM: I know you guys have got to run and load up for the next show, so I’ll leave you with the big ‘deep’ question. What is most important to you collectively as a band?

IS: I think the most important thing we can do as artists is connect to our audience, and have them feel connected to the music the way we do. Music quite literally changed my life, in the most positive way. I feel like if we can do that, even if it were just for one person, we’re doing something right.

The Eeries debut self-produced album will debut this year, and they will join Incubus and Deftones on the west coast for their upcoming Summer tour.  


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