PHOTOS and WORDS by: Eric Mooney

Do you miss Brand New and Taking Back Sunday? How about NOFX or Pennywise? The Mosers, based out of New Jersey, gave us just what we’ve always wanted at their performance this past Monday at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. Having no music released; family, friends, and strangers alike went into the show with eager ears. We certainly weren’t disappointed. Head banging and jumping paired with crushing guitar, it was a classic Rock & Roll show. 

Check out what lead signer, Mikey Pellegrino, has to say about their upcoming music:

Explain to us how you got the name 'The Mosers'? 

We already had a couple of songs written before getting to the name but we wanted to start playing shows and put ourselves out there so the name kind of came later so it was hard to come up with a name to fit what we were going for. At the time i was binge watching the show Dexter and all of us loved the show. I noticed his biological last name before he became Dexter Morgan was Dexter Moser which he shared with his brother Rudy Moser, aka the Ice Truck Killer from season one. In my current obsession with the show I wrote down The Mosers as a potential name and it stuck with us.

What is your biggest inspiration when writing music? 

Honestly the main goal when we write is to come up with a song we love. If we don't laugh in excitement when we hear the playback at the studio, we didn't try hard enough. We really just want to write the best songs we possibly can. 

Where did you grow up and how do you think that affected your music?

I grew up in Clinton, NJ. Super rural, I had cows at the bottom of my street. I guess you could say that because of the small town feel i really latched on to the music I was into because nobody out there even knows much about anything the least bit different. Growing up I was really really into bands like NOFX and The Bouncing Souls. I kind of wanted to be different. I kind of wanted people to give me dirty looks so I could maybe start an argument because everyone was just so boring and uppity and the same out there.  I honestly hated it out there. The view was nice but once I turned 17 I wasn't home as much and eventually left and never really looked back. I guess you could say that might be where I get the angst in my singing from.

What do you want your fans to know about your new music? 

I want them to know that we are a bunch of guys that just love rock and roll. It's all we've done all of our lives and we think we got something going on this year. We want fans to be able to let go of everything and just enjoy themselves when they hear us. We don't care about being or looking cool. Honestly, we care about music and having the best time in the world playing it. I honestly don't see any other reason to do this than that. 

What can we expect from you guys this year? 

We are getting ready to release our first E.P. But honestly we never ever stop writing. We are constantly in the studio if we're not playing shows. Always trying to write more songs. I also don't know what to expect at any time because it's been a huge rollercoaster so far so I'm honestly just really psyched to see whats next myself.

What is your go to Taco Bell order? 

Ugh this is the best question in the world. The main feature is usually a beef chalupa supreme, and a cheesy gordita crunch. Rick (our drummer) taught me that if you get 2 hard taco supremes with those, and eat one before the fancy ones, and eat one after; there is a level of extreme satisfaction. Sometimes when I drink i get that order PLUS a crunchwrap.

If you had to live on a desert island and could only listen to one record for the rest of your life, what would it Be? 

It would have to be the first album I ever fell in love with. Weezer's Blue Album. Sometimes I still binge on that album so hard still that you'd think I was trapped on a desert island with it. 

Can we expect a tour in the near future? 

We will be announcing a tour for the late fall early winter very soon!