During SXSW we sat down with VÉRITÉ to quickly chat about her influences, 'Orange Is The New Black,' and her current 'Strange Enough Tour.'

VZN: How does the concept of "snapshops" have an influence over your songwriting process? VÉRITÉ: When I sit down to write, there's rarely a set narrative in my mind. I wind up writing primarily in stream of consciousness and find a snapshot or common thread to tie each song up. Those images wind up sticking with me.

VZN: Let's talk about how 'Orange Is The New Black' was involved in the creation of "Weekend," how did that happen? VÉRITÉ: Orange is The New Black and serious procrastination resulted in Weekend. I had all these self imposed deadlines for the EP and had a day off work and decided a song would be written by the end of the day. I'd watch an episode, and sit at the piano, bang my head against a wall, and repeat. Not that Weekend is at all influenced by OITNB, but I think numbing your mind for a while can definitely let ideas come out with more ease. The eighth time or so I sat down, I wrote the majority of the song in one sitting.

VZN: How do you relate the concept of cinema verite to your overall stage and musical persona? VÉRITÉ: I'm not super separate from the persona of VÉRITÉ. Cinema verite attempts to represent candid realism in film, and my hope would be to represent a similar sentiment in writing and on stage.

VZN: If someone hasn't yet seen you on the 'Strange Enough Tour,' what can they expect? VÉRITÉ: Lots of live energy and some witty banter.

VZN: How do you or don't you, include your alternative and hip-hop influences into your writing style and songwriting sound? VÉRITÉ: Honestly, I listen to a lot of music that influences me, but when I write I try not to reference what I've been listening to. I try to start with a clear head. I'd hope that everything I listen to subliminally influences a unique style.

You can still catch VÉRITÉ around on the 'Strange Enough Tour'  in NYC, at the Mercury Lounge (1 April,) with Stars, at Webster Hall (11 April), with Avec Sans and Gold Lake at the Drake Hotel Underground in Toronto (7 May), in the UK at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton (14-16 May), The Lexington in London (15 May), Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester (22 May), Bristol (23 May), Nottingham (24 May),  Firefly Music Fest (18-22 June) in Deleware, and Lollapalooza in Chicago (31 July - 2 August).